Friday, May 14, 2010

More on FCBD... and a Contest!

This is the last Free Comic Book Day stuff until next year, I promise! My buddy Joe Murray, who owns Captain Blue Hen comics, where I did this year's event, sent me these pictures the other day. I thought it might be a nice way to wrap up coverage.

These are probably the views of me most often seen that day by people on my line... head down drawing, mouth open, talking!

I also wanted to link to a very nice write up about me. If you'll recall, I mentioned in my previous FCBD post that I had the privilege of creating the first image for someone's "leaping over stuff" themed sketchbook. Well, it turns out, this fellow, who calls himself "Doktor Andy" has a blog, and wrote about me drawing his sketch! Here's the link, if you'd like to read all about it from his point of view! Thanks, "Dok!"

Finally, as I was looking though pictures to use for this post, I came across a picture I snapped on my cell phone camera. I was visiting my Mom a few months ago, and took a picture of a painting she has, that I did while in college. I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but I attended The School of Visual Arts in New York, as an Illustration major. However, before students were allowed to actually pick the major, we had to do one year of foundation art classes. We studied fine art, art history, drawing, painting, etc. The following piece was done in my painting class, back in 1990. The idea of the project was to study the Cubists, and emulate their styles. I'm not sure which Cubist I was trying to emulate at the time, as the memory is lost in the sands of time at this point, but I do know what I chose as a subject. the painting is below. I wonder if anyone can guess what I "cubized" in this piece:

Feel free to share your guesses in the comments. For the first person who guesses correctly, I'll send you a set of signed Buzzboy and Roboy Red comic books!

Along the same lines as the above painting, I also want to share an original iPhone drawing done by my little boy. It's an abstract as well! I think he shows promise, don't you?

I'll be back next week with more. I hope you have a great weekend!



Anonymous said...

it sort of looks like a baseball player hitting a ball (but the bat has been "cubized" out of existence, almost) -- Dan W.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking baseball too.... a pitcher in wind-up?

Rich Faber said...

Nope, not baseball related, but I can see why you'd both think that.

Oh, and since I've opened the comments up to allow anyone to post, if you don't have a Blogger ID, please let me know who you are when you post. Otherwise, I have to refer to you as "Anonymous!" Thanks!


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