Thursday, August 10, 2006

Working With Women

Since my last post, it's been nonstop action here in my studio. Work has kept me very busy since I returned from Comic-Con, not to mention some cleanup from some storm damage while I was away. So, getting back into the swing, below is the illustration gig I finished up before leaving for San Diego.

One of the cool things about working on comics work with my buddy John Gallagher is that a lot of times we get to work on non-comics stuff together too, as well as on Buzzboy and Roboy Red. The great part about that is that it pays better... ok, actually, it just PAYS, period! Although it makes staying on our comics deadlines difficult sometimes, in reality, this is the type of work that allows us to do our comics in the first place. I've found that this is typical in the world of self-publishing.

As for the work, in this case, John brought us this client. The assignment was to create a series of female characters who were considering having children. So, John had to design a few different character types. He did the designs and rough layouts, and I did the finishing art and the colors. The coloring was a particular challenge, as I had to match a style of art provided by the client, and convert the black line art to color, where I would normally just fill in the blocks of color within the black line art. I really like the look of this though, and may explore doing more work like this on my own.

So here they are (click the pictures for a larger view):

That last one is my favorite. I had to do the most work on the coloring for this one, but I was very happy with the results. I was pleased with the combination of colors. This was the one that convinced me that I should do more work in this vein.

That's it for this week. Hopefully, I can continue to post more frequently, but if not, you'll know where to find me... eventually!