Friday, March 28, 2008

Portfolio Showcase: Logo-motive Train

Wow, a week already! Ok, so I'm on schedule, at least this week! Here's Friday's Portfolio Showcase:

This piece was a logo illustration I drew for a local client. It was used as a logo for a new housing development. I'm not sure what the connection was to trains, but I'm guessing the site was probably railroad-related in some way. Anyway, it's one I hadn't posted here before, so I thought it might be nice to show it. If you're wondering, the train was drawn in pen and ink, with a little brushwork here and there. Although I drew this around 5" x 7", it was used primarily on letterhead, about an inch or so high! That's small!

Speaking of logos, here's a little bonus for today: I had to create a logo for the t-shirt one of the characters is wearing in our new Roboy Red story. The little girl in the story is something of a drama queen, so I came up with this:

I'm thinking of having some t-shirts made with the logo, so if you're out there thinking, boy, I (or my wife, girlfriend, etc) might like to have this, please let me know in the comments. I'm trying to decide if it's feasible to do it. And just so you'll know what it might look like on a shirt (if you looked like a comic book character, that is!) here it is in context, on the girl's shirt:

Pencils by John Gallagher, inks and colors by me. I'll be posting some actual pages from the story soon.

Have a nice weekend!


Friday, March 21, 2008

Portfolio Showcase - Storyboards

So, it's been nearly a month again...

In an attempt to begin posting on a semi-regular basis, regardless of whether I have new work to show or not, I've decided that I'm going to use the time between illustration jobs to show some of my earlier work. I'd like to make this a regular feature, so for now, Fridays will be "Portfolio Showcase" day. Each week, I'll post a piece of work I've done in the past, in order to highlight some of the work you might not have seen before.

To that end, here are some storyboards I drew a few years ago:

These were for a pharmaceutical client, and are heavily edited to take out the product info, which I believe might have been proprietary.

In any event, the boards were drawn in support of a sales meeting for the pharma reps, in which they learned how to properly market and promote the product. The guy on the jet ski is the narrator, and as he shoots in and out of the frames, he's talking about the product. The idea was that this particular product would allow all sorts of outdoor activities that were previously difficult for people with the specific symptoms of the ailment that this product helps alleviate (how's that for vague...? ;-) )

I have some other new work I'll post sometime soon, but in the meantime, I hope you enjoyed this episode of "Portfolio Showcase!"

More to come, next week!