Thursday, May 13, 2010

BlueShift World

Some look-at-me press: My good buddy Dave DeVries did a little write up on me, regarding some coloring work I did for his new graphic novel, BlueShift World. Check it out: While you're there, click around the website. There's some really cool stuff to see! It's a science fiction story which takes place in the year 2061, after climate change has flooded the major cities of the Earth. Dave has told me a lot about the story, and it sounds like it's a really cool one, and a project he's put his heart and soul into, so please give it a look! Dave's team is incredibly talented, and what I've seen so far is very impressive!

Since I can't show the actual page I worked on, here's the picture of me he ran with the bio piece:

Dave also posted some images of my work there as well. I hope you'll follow the link to see! Thanks!


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