Friday, January 19, 2007

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles... sort of...

So, it's been nearly a month yet again, but I'm back posting. I've had a lot of work lately, which is good for a freelancer. The downside though, is that I get very little free time, and what little I have, I spend with my family. So, that means less posting, unfortunately.

However, I do have something to show for the time away at least. On that note, thanks to Patrick Kendall, for all the nice words in the comments section. Since you mentioned it, Patrick, finally, here are a few of the Turtles pages I wrote about last time:

To see larger versions of the art, please click on the pictures.

The "sort of" in the title of this post is because I didn't actually ink any Turtles on this job, but as you can see, I was able to do a nice sequence featuring Casey Jones. Incidentally, the pencils were done by a guy named Andres Ponce. You can see some pencils from the previous sequence of this issue on Andres' blog. It was a lot of fun to work on this stuff, and I'd like to thank my pal Sean Parsons (a very talented fellow in his own right), for bringing me in on this.

I'm hoping to have some new work to post soon, as time allows. As always, please bear with me, and hopefully, you'll be reading and seeing more soon!