Tuesday, July 18, 2006

San Diego Comic-Con

As you might have guessed from the subject line, I'll be exhibiting at Comic-Con International, from Wednesday July 19th, until Sunday July 23rd. I'll be set up with my Roboy Red partner, John Gallagher, at the Amelia Rules/Buzzboy/WJHC booth, #1637. John and I will be promoting his Buzzboy books, which I ink, and have previously written about here and here. We'll have both of the Buzzboy trade paperbacks, as well as issue #1 of Buzzboy: Sidekicks Rule! in its Comic-con premiere!

As I mentioned above, Gallagher and I also work on another creator owned character called Roboy Red. We'll have plenty of Roboy Red merchandise as well, particularly the development Sketchbook, "Welcome To Roboyland!" Here's a preview of some of the art:

We'll also have this cool new Roboy T-shirt:

In addition to all of the above cool stuff, I'll have my original comic book art, including new Buzzboy pages! If you're planning to attend Comic-Con, I hope you'll stop by and say hi!



Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Educational art

To round out the brain theme I've had going for a couple of weeks, here's another medical illustration:

This depiction has something to do with the way the neurons in the brain work, but I'm not exactly sure of the science behind it. The client was happy with the drawings, so I guess I did a decent job. ;-)

And since the topic is educational art, I thought I'd post this Roboy Red drawing tutorial I did last year for last year's Buzzboy/Roboy Red Free comic book Day book (click the picture for a link to something you can actually read!):

Below is the link to an animation I did to demo the tutorial online (click on Roboy Red). Roboy Red is an all ages character I created with my pal John Gallagher, and both of these will eventually be on our Roboy Red website (www.roboyred.com)