Friday, October 10, 2008


12:40 PM. That's what time I'm posting this, and what time it was 40 years ago today.

I don't normally talk much about my personal life here, as I consider this more of a forum for my professional work, however, I'm making an exception today. Along with my good friends, Todd Dezago, and Mike Penick, today is my birthday.

And yeah, I'm 40.

Which is totally fine.

In fact, I was actually looking forward to it. We were going to have a big party, and just have a great time. I mean, how often do you have such a momentous birthday? If you're lucky, every ten years or so, for roughly 70, 80, 90 years...?

Well as often happens in life, this year we were thrown a bit of a curve. As I've alluded to here in a previous post, about two months ago, my wife was diagnosed with a serious, life-threatening disease. I won't go into specifics here, for the sake of her privacy, but suffice to say that it's a difficult battle, and one that requires a lot of time and energy. Time and energy is tough enough in good health, when dealing with having a very active two year old son, but made even more difficult by our present circumstances. Anyway, now you know why my posts have been infrequent.

However, I don't want anyone out there to believe we're sitting here feeling sorry for ourselves. Quite the contrary. In fact, we're actually learning a lot about how blessed we are. We have an incredible support system: loving, caring families, incredibly generous, wonderful friends, outstanding colleagues, and a hell of a lot of hope. We're also keeping our senses of humor when possible. As I said, we have a 2 year old. It's hard not to!

I'm writing all this as sort of a reflection. I figure 40 is a good time to take stock. My life might not have taken the turns I've expected (whose does?), but aside from my wife's illness, I really can't complain. Despite what we're going through, I feel like my career is on a new upswing. I have work I care about, and am doing things with my work that helps others as well. I feel a sense of purpose as I haven't felt in years, both personally and professionally. It's a tough haul here, but we move forward every day. I suppose we all do, eh?

Ok, so all that aside, this is still an art blog, so in that vein, here's a small glimpse of part of my current project:

It might look a tad familiar, but it's not what you think it might be. All will be revealed soon. Sorry to be so vague, but until this sees print, I won't be able to say more.

One last thing: the shirts in my previous post did really well at the Baltimore Comic-Con. I still have plenty left though, and I'm still offering them for sale. If you'd like one, please email me through the "Contact" link on my website. I accept Paypal, and they cost $20.00 ($22.00 for XXL), which includes shipping. Orders to the USA only, please. I'm trying to raise money to help with medical bills, so as an added incentive, anyone who orders a shirt will also receive signed copies of various comics I've worked on (while supplies last).

That's it for now. Thanks for indulging me with this post, and for continuing to check in. I'll post again soon.



Anonymous said...

Hey Rich,
Happy Belated Birthday.
Been a bit too busy to check the blogs regularly.

Looking forward to seeing what the current project is.

Take it easy.

Noah said...


First off, I join Emilio in wishing you a happy belated birthday!

I know it may seem pathetic and contrived to say this, but I'm sorry to hear about your wife's illness. I'll be praying for her and you and your whole family.

On another note, since I ordered a shirt already, can I get in on the sweet bonus deal of having signed comics as part of it (he asks hopefully)???

Any how, thanks!

Rich Burley

Squeeze said...


Happy Birthday (late)! You sure don't look 40 at all! Hope you had a good day. Do you feel old? I LOVED turning 40...Matt not so much.

So nice to see you in Baltimore. Thank you so much for your help that weekend. You took such good care of us.

Hello to the lovely wife and smooches to your sweet little baby.

Rich Faber said...

Thanks, Emilio! I'll be able to reveal the project at the end of November. That's when it sees print.

Thanks for all the nice words, Rich. We both appreciate all the thoughts and prayers. As for your shirt, I'll be sending it, along with some other neat stuff, this week. Sorry for the delay. It gets a bit crazy here, as I'm sure you can imagine.

Thanks so much, Suzanne! I'm glad my face doesn't belie my age, but believe me, there are days when my body proves my face wrong! It was good to see you and Matt in Baltimore too. And it was no problem at all. You guys are good friends, and deserve nothing but ease at a show like that. And I'll pass along the smooches. ;-)