Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Baltimore Comic-Con 2008

This weekend, September 27-28 is the Baltimore Comic-Con, one of my favorite shows. I plan to be there all weekend, at the Kids Love Comics booth. I'll have many of my kid friendly books for sale, including some classics from throughout my career. Those titles include the Bug One-Shot (Marvel), a couple of issues of the late, lamented Impulse (DC), Legends of the DCU, Sins of Youth, featuring the Junior JSA (DC), and possibly some others. In addition, I'll also be selling my Roboy Red shirts, as well as the brand new Drama Queen shirts. Here's what they'd look like if they were flat and made of paper:

Fortunately, these are beautifully screen printed, and I'm very proud to have them showcased at our booth!

Also, as usual, John Gallagher and I will have all the Buzzboy and Roboy Red books for sale! If you haven't gotten them before, now's your chance!

I hope I'll see you all there this weekend!



aa said...

Hi, Rich both the t-shirts really have wonderful printing. It looks attractive and comfort to put on.


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Noah said...

Hey, Rich, are you guys by chance coming to Wizard World in Arlington, Texas in November? I can hope can't I?

Also, I know that you are actively involved in Kids Love Comics. Would you mind looking into adding Dylan Edward's Hero High to your list of comics? He's been trying to get ahold of someone to add his comic to the list for awhile to no avail. It is a really cool and fun all ages web comic that is really worth the exposure(that really needs to be in hard copy form imho). Here's the link: http://www.zeros2heroes.com/property/hero-high

Oh one last question, any news on the Buzzboy Sidekicks Rule TPB. A few months ago it was on indefinite hold. But I think John was also looking for a new publisher for it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed b/c I really want a copy!

Btw, NICE shirts!

Rich Faber said...

Thanks, aa.

Um, ok, true sri lankan.

Volt, I can't speak for the others in the KLC crew, but unfortunately, I won't be able to make it to Texas for the Wizard show.

As for Dylan, I'll have to check out his work. I'm not the person who puts the list together, but I'll be happy to mention it to the KLC folks in Baltimore. I'm pretty sure the list is specifically graphic novels though. We mainly do it as a resource for print for schools and libraries, so I'm not sure if a webcomic will work for them. Still, I'll bring it up.

Thanks about the shirts. If you like them, but won't be at a show I attend, you can always buy them from me via email. Just let me know. Thanks.

As for Sidekicks Rule, John should have some news on that soon!


Noah said...

Rich, I really appreciate you talking to the rest of the KLC guys about my friend Dylan!

And yes! I totally want a Roboy Red t-shirt (size large). I'll send that e-mail. Uh...do you have a pay pal account? Or do you prefer another form of payment? Check perhaps?

News coming soon about Buzzboy? Awesome!!!!!!

Btw, I caught the podcast interview with you and John...fun interview! Great to get that update!

Rock on, Rich!