Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Educational art

To round out the brain theme I've had going for a couple of weeks, here's another medical illustration:

This depiction has something to do with the way the neurons in the brain work, but I'm not exactly sure of the science behind it. The client was happy with the drawings, so I guess I did a decent job. ;-)

And since the topic is educational art, I thought I'd post this Roboy Red drawing tutorial I did last year for last year's Buzzboy/Roboy Red Free comic book Day book (click the picture for a link to something you can actually read!):

Below is the link to an animation I did to demo the tutorial online (click on Roboy Red). Roboy Red is an all ages character I created with my pal John Gallagher, and both of these will eventually be on our Roboy Red website (



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Patrick said...

Hello again Rich!
Cool new medical illo, kinda reminds me of some of the sketching I used to do back in high school. While bored in algebra class, I would spend time filling notebook pages with thousands of tiny circles- don't really know why, just one of those odd things I suppose.
I have been finishing up an inking page using a brush-it has been very rewarding, and I am hoping to post it tomorrow on my blog. Couple of questions for you if you don't mind... I am hoping to shop my portfolio around a bit at Comic Con next week, I would love to try and break into doing some inking. Do you have any pointers/tips on what I should include in the 'folio, and which companies do you recommend talking to? Finally, any suggestions on where I can find some good pencil work to download via the web to ink over? I only have the weekend to add more work, but I would like to get a few more pages done and I am having a hard time finding good pencils to work over. Thanks in advance for all your help!