Saturday, July 19, 2008

Portfolio Showcase: Another Car (Going Waaaay Back)

Things have been pretty crazy here, so I need to keep this brief. This piece is yet another car, a BMW M1. I was reminded of it because while this car looks pretty modern, it was actually a 1979 production model, and BMW is doing an updated version of it. I read that in a car magazine, and the new car is pretty cool. Anyway, that's not why this goes way back. The reason is that the photo I referenced is one I took at a car show around 1982 or so. I'll let you all in on a little secret: the following illustration, while updated in 2002, was actually drawn while I was in high school, nearly 15 or so years before that! I think I originally drew it while a senior, which would put it circa 1985-86! When I was redoing my illustration portfolio in '02, I decided that the drawing was still strong enough, and with a few small tweaks, professional enough to use. I still like it anyway, so here it is:

The original piece is around 3 feet long, and was a real bear to scan! I hope you like it.

Have a nice weekend!



Anonymous said...

Wow, it looks awesome.

So how do you scan a 3ft long drawing without any apparent seams?

Rich Faber said...

Thanks, Emilio!

The drawing itself, isn't quite that large, but the paper is. I scanned the work in two halves, then pieced them back together in Photoshop. Once I was able to do that, I spent a few hours with the PS tools like the dodge and burn tools, eraser, etc., matching up the consistency of light and dark on each side. This was before I knew how to use the clone tool, so it took me quite a bit longer than necessary. If you look VERY closely at the scan, you can see a slight line in it where the two halves meet, but I won't tell you where... ;-)