Friday, June 09, 2006

Buzzboy: Sidekicks Rule!

The latest comics project I've been working on is the brand new Buzzboy limited series, called "Sidekicks Rule!" Since I showed the cover image for Buzzboy: Sidekicks Rule! #1 last week, I figured some might be interested in seeing a preview of the interiors. "Buzzboy:Sidekicks Rule!" is a great way to introduce young readers to the magic of comics, and features all new stories, comic tutorials for kids of all ages & more! John Gallagher wrote and drew it, and I did the finishing inks (and colored some pages). Below is my favorite page:

Buzzboy: Sidekicks Rule! #1 by John Gallagher, Rich Faber, & Friends. Meet Buzzboy, the "World's Coolest Super Sidekick!" When the Earth's greatest adult heroes disappear, Buzzboy and his other sidekick buddies must keep the world safe from alien invaders, time-traveling ducks. and evil robot wiener-dogs!? "Buzzboy: Sidekicks Rule!" features all-new full-color fun, comic tutorials for kids of all ages, and more! Find out why the critics call Buzzboy "...One of the best independent superhero books!" Plus: A Fun, new Roboy Red adventure-- thermonuclear powered, boy robot fun! (I'll post some Roboy Red stuff soon!)

To see a free online preview of issue #1, click here:

Hey kids! Click on the picture below, for full details about a cool new contest!

For more information about Buzzboy: Sidekicks rule, as well as the "Create your own hero" contest, please visit Sky Dog Comics:




Sal Cipriano said...

Hi Rich!

Great meeting you at the con as well! I look forward to more Buzzboy, and RoBoy Red looks to be awesome!


John Gallagher said...

Thanks for the plug Rich!

Sidekicks Rule!

Urban Barbarian said...

Looking good, Rich! Man, I love the idea of that contest! Great idea! Comic books need more fun things like that!

Rich Faber said...

Sal: Thanks for the nice thoughts. glad you like Buzzboy and Roboy Red!

John: No problem! Anytime!

Dan: Thanks! I can't take credit for the contest idea. That's Gallagher. And yes, I agree, comics need LOTS more stuff like that!

Patrick said...

Hello Rich- nice inking work you did here... cool contest idea, gonna have to let my son know about this and see if he can come up with something! I enjoyed checking out your work here- thanks for the artistic inspiration this morning!

Rich Faber said...

Hey Patrick,

Thanks very much for the nice words about my work.

I hope your son will be interested in the contest. Gallagher's got some great prizes lined up!

I took a look at your blog, and really enjoyed the work you've posted. You've got some major talent, yourself! Since you dig the monster stuff, check out my website, for my own versions of Karloff and Chaney. Just click on the "Other Illustrations" section!