Monday, May 08, 2006

Hi and welcome!

My name is Rich Faber, and as you might have guessed from the title of this weblog, I'm an Illustrator. I decided to use this forum to post various drawings, sketches and thoughts I might not necessarily add to my website on a regular basis. I'm not sure how often I'll be updating this, but I'll try to make it interesting when I do post!

As for who I am, I've been working as an Illustrator since 1993, when I began my career as a comic book inker. I've worked on such comics titles as Green Lantern, Steel, Adventures of Superman, Impulse, Titans, Quicksilver, X-Men, Tellos, and many others. Since 2002, I've been working on all-ages comics, collaborating with my friend John Gallagher, both as the finishing inker/sometimes colorist/frequent editor on his own Buzzboy (, as well as on our own Roboy Red (, where I'm the co-writer and finishing artist.

Outside of comics, I work full time as a freelance Illustrator. I've worked on storyboards and websites for corporate clients, as well as in animation as one of the Illustrators on the Adult Swim cartoon, Minoriteam. I also teach Illustration at Delaware College of Art and Design in Wilmington, Delaware.

I'm originally from Sayville, New York, which is a semi-small town on the south shore of Long Island. I currently live in the Valley Forge area of Pennsylvania.

Again, I'll try to keep things interesting here, and I hope you'll enjoy whatever I have to share! Thanks for stopping by!



Mitchell said...

visited your blog. sure was nice to see others enjoying a terrific free comicbook day, Curse the god's for I had to work!!!!

Keep posting those great pic's of you and others keeping busy.

Best wishes

Rich Faber said...

Hi Mike,

Thanks very much for the nice thoughts, and for visiting!